20 Jan

Solidaritea for the international day of action in solidarity with trans people in prison

Input and letter writing
Tea and cake

Friday, 27 January 2023 at 5pm at Malobeo, Kamenzerstr. 38, 01099 Dresden

Our society is trans-hostile and stigmatizes people who do not fit into the binary gender system. Thereby it pushes them into poverty, precarious job situations or homelessness. Trans, inter, nonbinary and queer people are therefore often subject to state repression and more often face jail. In jail, discrimination continues. People experience social isolation and a monotonous daily routine. They are confronted with violent behavior from fellow inmates and lockers. And the prison system itself is divided into women’s and men’s prisons and thus structurally discriminatory towards trans, inter, non-binary and queer people.

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21 Dec

New Year noise rally at the prison

WHERE: JVA Dresden, (walking path: Am Robinienhain)
WHEN: 3 – 5 pm at 31 December 2022

The year 2022 is almost over and we want to call you to the last political action of the year.

A few hours before the New Year, we will meet at the prison walls that divide our society into “good” and “bad” people. But the reality is more complicated. Often, the people who actually do harm to society walk free. People who enrich themselves at the expense of others, people who destroy the environment, people who start wars or profit from them. But those who suffer from economic and social exploitation and try to find ways out of this situation are often locked up for many years.

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27 Nov

Solidarity Zone – a new initiative to support anti-war prisoners in Russia

Solidarity Zone is a new initiative, established by anti-authoritarian activists. Anarchist Black Cross Moscow is cooperating with the new initiative, and we encourage everyone to support it.

Solidarity Zone is a horizontal initiative supporting those persecuted for anti-war actions. We came together in the spring of 2022 to help those left without attention by human rights organizations.

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25 Nov

A political and personal statement as well as a review of our solidarity work around the war in Ukraine so far.

The following text is a very much shortened version of this text.
The long version you can find as well in Ukrainian, Russian and German language.

Since the first day of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, we have been working with friends on the ground as well as comrade from Belarus, Russia and Poland. This was made possible by thousands of donations from people around the world who understood the importance of international solidarity at this critical moment. And for this we would like to thank all those who responded to the calls and provided help, not only with money, but also with direct actions, logistics and media work.

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29 Sep


Thank you very much for continuously staying with us!
As long as there is war, solidarity is needed!

Since the beginning of the war, 24.02.2022, we have started to collect money to support people from the anarchist and anti-authoritarian community, their families and friends and people who need support.
So far you have donated around 315500 euros.
Together with a large network, we have used this money to support a wide variety of people inside and outside of Ukraine. In the meantime three activists have died in the war, some of their families receiving financial support.

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27 Sep

Solidarity fund for imprisoned and persecuted revolutionaries from Greece is calling for financial support


The basic aim
of the structure is to ensure decent living conditions for the imprisoned comrades through a process that would take place within the political movement; thereby taking the material dimension of solidarity a step beyond close family, friendly and comrade relationships, as well as to help with the immediate coverage of emergencies (such as court expenses and bails for the persecuted). Yet, the actions of practical solidarity and the building and development of communication bridges and united struggles between those inside prisons and those outside of it, remain as priorities of the people who form and sustain the structure.

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20 Sep

Solidaritea, Friday 30 September 2022

Letter writing
Tea and cake

Friday, 30.09.2022, Malobeo, Kamenzerstr. 38, 01099 Dresden

We would like to write letters to people in prison together with you in the context of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners.
We take the Soli-Week as an opportunity to remember our comrades who are in prison for their political struggle and who continue to fight for their ideals there.

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04 Aug

International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners 2022 // 23 – 30 August

We support the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners again this year. Get involved with events, actions, letter writing, … whatever you can think of.
You can find the call here and more information about the week at https://solidarity.international.

The fact that capitalism does not focus on our needs but on profit, is demonstrated with all its brutality in times of climate crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic and the collapse of socioeconomic systems all around the world. Those who profit from capitalism enrich themselves through times of disaster. But with ongoing crises we are also experiencing a new era of uprisings from below.

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05 Jul

Solidarity Collectives – Update Solidarity work with Ukraine

The processes within the solidarity structures in recent weeks have not been easy, especially in the current situation. We have been involved in many discussions and have contributed our perspective. In terms of content, we share the statement regarding the conflicts of Operation Solidarity and the restructuring of the solidarity work in Ukraine. We continue our cooperation with the part of the Ukrainian structures working under the label Solidarity Collectives. And ask you to support this work as well.

Hi! We are the ‘Solidarity Collectives’ volunteer team. Previously, we worked under the name ‘Operation Solidarity’ but had to reformat our initiative. To find out why you can read our statement (https://telegra.ph/Solidarity-Collectives-Statement-07-04).

Solidarity Collectives is an anti-authoritarian volunteer network that unites several grassroots initiatives. We help the Ukrainian resistance movement to fight the Russian invasion, support progressive forces in this fight, help people who suffered because of the war and spread information about what is going on in Ukraine.

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21 Jun

trans*people in prison need our solidarity!

What: Input trans*people in prison and writing letters together.
When: Friday, 24.06.2022 6 p.m.
Where: malobeo – Kamenzerstr. 38, 01099 Dresden

On June 25, there will be Queer Pride in Dresden again this year – loud, glittering, empowering we will go on the streets. But not everyone can join the celebration. Our society is trans*-hostile, stigmatizes people, pushes them into poverty, precarious job situations or homelessness. Trans*, inter and nonbinary people are often exposed to state repression and thus more often confronted with jail. So there are different problems that people are affected by. The discriminating society but also the prison system as such.
Therefore they need our solidarity.
We invite you to an event at Malobeo on 24.06.22 at 6pm. We want to give a little input on the topic and write letters together with you to trans* people in prison.