12 Oct

We consult until the jail is history! – Rally at the deportation jail in Dresden, 14.10.21 at 5pm

Deportation detention contact group invites you to a rally at the deportation jail!

Because: We consult until the jail is history!

Deportation detention should be abolished – until then we need social
control and independent legal advice for those affected. This is exactly
what we want as a deportation detention contact group – and this is
exactly where the prison blocks itself, for example, by not reliably
informing detainees that we can support them, by making our visits more
difficult, etc.

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04 Oct

Crowdfunding “Support anarchist and antifascist prisoners in Belarus”

For over 10 years ABC-Belarus is supporting antifascists, anarchists and other political prisoners in their struggle against dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko. Last uprising of 2020 provoked a huge wave of repressions against the activists of all kinds.

Right now over 1000 people are in prison for political reasons. Among them 26 are anarchists and antifascists. ABC-Belarus requires your donations to continue supporting repressed antifascists and anarchists in the country

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28 Sep

10 Arguments against Prison

Prison means isolation, alienation, poverty and violence. Prison is a method used by the state to deal with social problems. Prison is supposed to punish, scare and “resocialize” you, i.e. reintegrate you into society. But you have hardly any opportunity for self-determination and are isolated from the rest of society. Every third person ends up back inside after release. Prison is a violent and monotonous place. The authoritarian penal system reinforces discrimination and economic exploitation. Jails therefore do not serve to reduce violent behavior between people, but rather reinforce it.

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27 Sep

Friday, 01.10.- Sunday 03.10. – “UNRÄUMBAR”-Festival in Heibo – Soli-film for Ella

Close to Dresden there is a forest occupation (Heibo – Heidebogen) which is there to prevent a mine company from expanding an open-pit gravel mine and with this clearing a huge area of trees, contaminating the ground water and destroy the moors in the area. During the weekend the activists in Heibo are organizing a festival called “Unräumbar”, so we want to collectively travel to the forest by bike and by train.

We are meeting at 16:30 in front of Bahnhof Neustadt, taking our bikes with us and catching a train at 16:49 (direction Königsbrück) to Ottendorf-Okrilla from where we continue biking to Heibo (ca 7km, 30 min).

At 18:30 a film “Ella – Repression Against Danni-Activist” begins and after there is some music planned. Read More

28 Aug

“When We Rise” – A Critical Analysis of the 2020 Revolt against the Dictatorship (brochure)

The anarchist collective Pramen – pramen.io – published the following analyses of the revolt in 2020 in russian and english language. The PDF version to download, print and distribute is attached at the end of the article.

Foreward by crimethinc

In August 2020, a revolt broke out in Belarus, nearly toppling Alexander Lukashenko, the dictator who has ruled the country since 1994. In the following analysis, anarchists who participated in the revolt discuss the ways that it succeeded and how both the regime and its liberal opposition were able to undermine the movement before it could topple the dictatorship. The result is an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand the mechanics of revolution, repression, and cooptation, not to mention post-Soviet politics in the region.

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07 Aug

Update on the situation with repression in Belarus in July 2021

It’s been almost a year since the beginning of the protests in Belarus caused by falsified elections. A lot of our comrades have been put behind bars, many had to flee the country, public activity is hampered not only for anarchists, but for all dissident associations and groups. Below you will see a short update on the situation with the repressions in Belarus with a focus on anarchists and antifascists. We will try to release these updates at the end of each month.

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18 Jul

Call for International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners 2021 // 23 – 30 August

There is a fundamental lie in the capitalist society. A promise that never comes true. The promise of freedom – you just have to work hard. Every time we stumble upon the crisis of capitalism we are reminded about that. More than one year of Covid-19 lies behind us. Some say, that Covid-19 is a health crisis. But it is not! Covid-19 is another crisis caused by capitalism. Provoked by the urge of more wealth and growth. Which contaminate fertile ground through industrial agriculture, steels habitat for humans and wild animals by extraction politics that turned thriving forests into deserts. It is the madness of capitalism that pushes humankind to ever new frontiers where more viruses are waiting for us. 

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17 Jul

Freedom for Ella!

On 23.06.2021 climate activist Ella/UP1 was sentenced in Hessen to 2 years and 3 months imprisonment in the context of the eviction of the Dannenröder forest. Almost at the same time on 29.06.2021 a Hessian Nazi cop cashed an acquittal and a suspended sentence. While the Hessian cop collected Nazi devotional objects, embezzled weapons and explosives, engaged in racist, anti-Semitic and sexist agitation, Ella occupied trees in the #Dannibleibt for a future worth living.

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13 Jul

Solidinner – vegan 3 course menu against repression on 23.07.2021 at AZ Conni, Dresden

Being in solidarity has never been so easy and sooo delicious. 
We invite you to the Prisoner-Solidinner! 
There will be a vegan 3 course menu. 
Just come by, bring your friends and family and let us spoil you.

Repression affects all people who criticize the current system and therefore inevitably reach the limits of what this system is willing to tolerate. In order not to leave them alone, we want to create a nice evening with food and drink and give the proceeds to those affected. 

The solidinner will take place on 23.07.2021 at the AZ Conni ( Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39, Dresden).The meal will be served from 18:30. So feel free to come a little earlier to get a nice seat. Also for the sake of the nice atmosphere, we would be happy if you don’t show up too late.The evening will be alcohol-free, so please refrain from bringing and consuming alcoholic beverages. Access to the AZ Conni is barrier-free and can be reached with a wheelchair.

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