25 Oct

Solidaritea – letter writing café, Friday 29.10.21 5pm at Malobeo

Friday, October 29, 2021, 5 p.m. at the Malobeo, Kamenzerstr. 38

Prison is based on the system of punishment. This means that social problems are not negotiated, but locked away. Terms like re-socialization become a farce when we look at the conditions in prisons. The social isolation from friends, family and society is an aspect of everyday life in prison. There are few communication channels and hardly any opportunities to enter into exchange outside the prison walls.

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12 Oct

We consult until the jail is history! – Rally at the deportation jail in Dresden, 14.10.21 at 5pm

Deportation detention contact group invites you to a rally at the deportation jail!

Because: We consult until the jail is history!

Deportation detention should be abolished – until then we need social
control and independent legal advice for those affected. This is exactly
what we want as a deportation detention contact group – and this is
exactly where the prison blocks itself, for example, by not reliably
informing detainees that we can support them, by making our visits more
difficult, etc.

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27 Sep

Friday, 01.10.- Sunday 03.10. – “UNRÄUMBAR”-Festival in Heibo – Soli-film for Ella

Close to Dresden there is a forest occupation (Heibo – Heidebogen) which is there to prevent a mine company from expanding an open-pit gravel mine and with this clearing a huge area of trees, contaminating the ground water and destroy the moors in the area. During the weekend the activists in Heibo are organizing a festival called “Unräumbar”, so we want to collectively travel to the forest by bike and by train.

We are meeting at 16:30 in front of Bahnhof Neustadt, taking our bikes with us and catching a train at 16:49 (direction Königsbrück) to Ottendorf-Okrilla from where we continue biking to Heibo (ca 7km, 30 min).

At 18:30 a film “Ella – Repression Against Danni-Activist” begins and after there is some music planned. Read More

13 Jul

Solidinner – vegan 3 course menu against repression on 23.07.2021 at AZ Conni, Dresden

Being in solidarity has never been so easy and sooo delicious. 
We invite you to the Prisoner-Solidinner! 
There will be a vegan 3 course menu. 
Just come by, bring your friends and family and let us spoil you.

Repression affects all people who criticize the current system and therefore inevitably reach the limits of what this system is willing to tolerate. In order not to leave them alone, we want to create a nice evening with food and drink and give the proceeds to those affected. 

The solidinner will take place on 23.07.2021 at the AZ Conni ( Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39, Dresden).The meal will be served from 18:30. So feel free to come a little earlier to get a nice seat. Also for the sake of the nice atmosphere, we would be happy if you don’t show up too late.The evening will be alcohol-free, so please refrain from bringing and consuming alcoholic beverages. Access to the AZ Conni is barrier-free and can be reached with a wheelchair.

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27 May

Abolish property, squatting is not a crime – rally at the Amtsgericht May 28th, 8:30 a.m.

Transpi am besetzten Haus am Basteiplatz

On Friday, May 28th 2021, the first of three lawsuits against four of a total of 12 people will be held at the Amtsgericht Dresden, accused of trespassing and property damage in the amount of approx. € 21,000 in the context of the occupation of Basteiplatz on August 24th, 2019. The occupation of the villa at Basteiplatz 3 was intended to draw attention to the unjust distribution of property and the unjust housing conditions in (not only) Dresden. The trial offers another opportunity to speak about the ongoing unfair conditions. To make it clear: it is not the squatting that is the problem, but this type of possession!

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25 May

Solidarity with trans*people in prison and trans* liberation heroines #1 in cooperation with malobeo!

Tuesday, 02 June 2021 in malobeo! Kamenzerstr. 38, 01099 Dresden
18:00 Input: trans* people in prison & writing letters [EN/GE]
19:30 Dinner
21:00 The Compton’s Cafeteria Riot 1966 [Englisch with englisch subtitles] organized by malobeo! - alternative café and anarchist library

There is a Queer Pride in Dresden this year – loud, glittering, empowering. But not everyone can join in the celebrations. Our society is trans*-hostile, stigmatises people, pushing them into poverty, precarious job situations or homelessness. Trans* and non-binary people are often exposed to state repression and face jail. That is why they need our solidarity. We invite you to an event at malobeo! on 02.06.21 at 6pm. We want to give a little input into the topic and together with you we want to write letters to trans* people in prison.

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04 Mar

Ralley on March 15 – International Day against Police Violence!

We call on you, come to the rally on Monday, March 15, 2021 at 4 pm at Jorge Gomondai Square!

The year 2020 was marked by the death of George Floyd and the discussion about police violence. However, this sad event was neither an isolated incident nor a new development. Police violence has existed as long as police have existed. Police stops and violence do not happen by chance. Mostly people who are affected are poor, people of color, black people, homeless people, young people, people who do not fit into gender norms, people with mental problems, political activists.

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21 Feb

“None is free until all are free!”- feminist anarchist anti-prison rally

When: 07.03.2021 at 3 pm
Where: on the parking lot in front of the prison in Chemnitz

Prison is a means for the state to deal with social problems. It is supposed to “resocialize” you. But you have hardly any opportunity for self-determination and you are isolated from the rest of the society. Every third person ends up there again after release, because it doesn’t help prisoners, but to secure the status quo. Prison is a violent and monotonous place. The authoritarian penal system reinforces discrimination and economic exploitation.

If you also think that prison cannot be a solution for individual and social problems, then come with us to Chemnitz Prison on 07.03.2021. There we want to get the prisoners a bit out of isolation, inform ourselves together about the conditions in prison and show our solidarity.

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29 Dec

New Year’s Eve to the prisons – We are not all, prisoners are missing!

Rally on 31.12.2020
at 14:00 at the deportation prison Hamburger Straße
15:30 at the prison Hammerweg (Fabricestraße)
Come with bicycles, scooters, wheeled vehicles!

Abolish all prisons! In Germany, too, social peace is secured with prison walls behind which people are locked away. They do not serve as protection against dangerous criminals. As a rule, it is mainly those who are too poor to buy a car and instead use public transport for free who end up in prison. Or those who are not allowed to work or cannot find work and are therefore forced to sell drugs.

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