20 Mar

The conditions in Bavarian prisons

Gezeichnetes Bild von Jan

Descriptions from the Jamnitzer Solikreis on the situation in the Bayreuth correctional facility

We haven’t just known that prison sucks since today. We also know that the conditions in prisons are hardly bearable and that prisons do not achieve what they are supposed to according to the law. Nevertheless, it is always shocking to hear how prisoners are treated. The only daily contact with the outside world is the view out of the window. But there’s not much to see in Bayreuth, because the prison relies on double-glazed windows.

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02 Mar

Collective train ride to the feminist anti-jail rally in Chemnitz on 6.3.2022

Come together with us on 6.3.2022 to the feminist anarchist anti-prison rally in Chemnitz!
There will be a collective train journey from Dresden. Bring your friends and flags and banners to the rally!

Meeting point Dresden:

6.3.2022, 12:30 p.m.
Train departure: 12:50
Dresden main station, Wiener Platz

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08 Feb

With power through the wall – against social isolation!

Call for a rally at the Chemnitz Women’s Prison of the anarchist feminist anti-prison alliance

On March 6, two days before the international feminist day of struggle, we will demonstrate in front of the Chemnitz Women’s Prison. We want to show the women and Queers imprisoned there: You are not alone! We know that you feel the oppression, the violence and the exploitation in our society. But we also see how many of you fight back, stand up for your rights and help each other – and we stand by your side.

The occasion for our rally is March 8, the international feminist day of struggle. All over the world, women and queers, i.e. people of other genders such as trans and inter people, are taking to the streets to protest the ongoing oppression by men and by a patriarchal system.We are standing shoulder to shoulder around the world against physical, psychological and sexual violence, against the multitude of murders of women, against unpaid domestic and care work, against lower pay, against discrimination, against being forced to marry and have children, against the ban on abortion and against many problems of the system in which we live.

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30 Dec

New Year’s Eve before prison

The year is drawing to a close. In many places this year, too people fought for freedom and a life in dignity. How many of them are now imprisoned? No matter whether it is because of poverty, precarious living conditions or through their political struggle, no person belongs behind bars. On Dec. 31, 2021, let us show the imprisoned people that they are not alone. During the time of year that many spend with their loved ones the isolation and loneliness in prison is especially great. Come with us to Hammerweg prison (JVA Dresden), together we will break through the isolation of the gray walls. For a solidarity without borders!

Where: JVA Dresden, (Wanderweg Am Robinienhain)
When: 17 Uhr 31.12.2021

28 Sep

10 Arguments against Prison

Prison means isolation, alienation, poverty and violence. Prison is a method used by the state to deal with social problems. Prison is supposed to punish, scare and “resocialize” you, i.e. reintegrate you into society. But you have hardly any opportunity for self-determination and are isolated from the rest of society. Every third person ends up back inside after release. Prison is a violent and monotonous place. The authoritarian penal system reinforces discrimination and economic exploitation. Jails therefore do not serve to reduce violent behavior between people, but rather reinforce it.

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17 Jul

Freedom for Ella!

On 23.06.2021 climate activist Ella/UP1 was sentenced in Hessen to 2 years and 3 months imprisonment in the context of the eviction of the Dannenröder forest. Almost at the same time on 29.06.2021 a Hessian Nazi cop cashed an acquittal and a suspended sentence. While the Hessian cop collected Nazi devotional objects, embezzled weapons and explosives, engaged in racist, anti-Semitic and sexist agitation, Ella occupied trees in the #Dannibleibt for a future worth living.

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31 Jan

Anti-fascist arrested with regard to case on terrorism, informed about tortures

!Be aware the following text contains violent details of police torture!

Antifascist Viktor Filinkov, accused of participation in the terrorist community, was tortured. This follows from the conclusion of the Public Monitoring Commission of St. Petersburg (body controlling observance of human rights in detention facilities), which visited a young man in SIZO-3 (detention center). The conclusion is available at the editors of OVD-Info.

Commission members recorded numerous traces of burns from a Taser in the chest area, as well as across the entire surface of the right thigh and hematoma on the right ankle. Read More

16 Nov

Bristol ABC are asking to support anarchist prisoner Sam Faulder


Sam Faulder is an anarchist prisoner currently serving a life sentence in England. Sam is a miscarriage of justice who has done over ten years in the prison system.

She has been an anti-authoritarian her whole life and was relentlessly targeted by police because of her lifestyle choices. After serving nearly two years on remand, Sam’s trial was a disaster. Police corruption impacted her trial and her solicitor firm withdrew from her case three weeks before it began. Read More

06 May

Three LAUtonomia activists imprisoned


The Repression against the climate movement in Germany is increasing, as more and more people join radical ways of resistance against the destruction of nature and environment.

Since several years already exists the forest occupation Hambacher Forest, this year activists started a new project LAUtonomia and occupied a forest in Lausitz. LAUtonomia was brutally evicted on 18 may. In the context of the project several people were arrested, before and after the eviction. Right now three activists are imprisoned.

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