28 Nov

Perception and propaganda of abroad struggles by example of the Ukraine conflict

08 Dezember 2016 | 5 pm | malobeo, alternative cafe & anarchist library Kamenzer Straße 38

movie screening and discussion

People without personal connections to the area usually have to rely on the media and the perception of outside political groups when learning about struggles abroad. In our reception of the sources available to us, we often try to form an “objective” perspective and forget that we see things through a filter of our local political schema. We listen to established “experts” and don’t see our prejudice stemming from colonial/imperal perspectives.

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20 Nov

Presentation about the political crisis in Ukraine and anarchists in it

Maydan_Artist3Sunday 30 November 17:00 pm Kosmotique Martin-Luther-Str. 13 01099 Dresden


This evening an anarchist from Ukraine will come to share with us his knowledge about the current political situation in the country. What happened in Winter of last year in Kiev? What is the Maidan and who were the people participating in it? What became the reason for the conflict in Eastern Ukraine? What is going on there right now and who is participating in the conflict? Who are the famous nazis from Ukraine and are they are so big as some media are reporting?

The presentation will be in English, translation into German will be provided for those who need it.

Background: A year ago social and political protests started in Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of people went on the streets. As the result of the conflict that lasted for several months the president fled the country and the opposition took over the power. Around 100 demonstrators were killed only in Kiev. The Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) became a symbol of the struggle against the government. Later on in the Eastern part of the country pro-Russian people started organizing protests against the Maidan movement. As a result of these protests the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) were formed and they declared independence from the Kiev authorities. Separatists backed by the Russian government are now at war with the Ukrainian government.