21 Oct

Solidaritea – Letter writing café, 30 October 5 pm at the Malobeo

Friday, October 30, 2020, 5 p.m. at the Malobeo, Kamenzerstr. 38

Prison is based on the system of punishment. This means that social problems are not negotiated, but locked away. Terms like re-socialization become a farce when we look at the conditions in prisons. The social isolation from friends, family and society is an aspect of everyday life in prison. There are few communication channels and hardly any opportunities to enter into exchange outside the prison walls.

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10 Jan

International day of Trans*people in prison

Monday, 22 January 2018, 19:00

Malobeo, Kamenzerstr. 38, 01099 Dresden

For the 3rd time the International Day of Solidarity with Trans*people in prison is going to take place.

Prison is keeping people in isolation, emotional stagnation, restricted from communication and seperated from social sourounding. Trans*people face appart from this problems, which are already enforced on people in prison, a lot of more challenges. They face a high level of violence, abuse and problems with mental health. They are frequently denied hormones and misgendered. Read More

05 Dec

Postcards, pocket diaries and posters from ABC

In last months we were working hard to go from Internet to the real world. As a result we made some things that you can use for your daily activism! Postcards that you can send to your friends and comrades in jail! In case you didn’t get some from Circle-A feel free to buy some from Koenig-Kurt, money will go to support ABC Dresden activity. Read More

06 May

Three LAUtonomia activists imprisoned


The Repression against the climate movement in Germany is increasing, as more and more people join radical ways of resistance against the destruction of nature and environment.

Since several years already exists the forest occupation Hambacher Forest, this year activists started a new project LAUtonomia and occupied a forest in Lausitz. LAUtonomia was brutally evicted on 18 may. In the context of the project several people were arrested, before and after the eviction. Right now three activists are imprisoned.

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22 May

Poznan, Poland: Three months in jail for eviction blockade

On the 27th of April Lukasz Bukowski, a participant of Anarchist Federation Poznan, Poland, went to prison for three months. He had been charged and sentenced with the breach of bodily integrity of a police officer which had happened during the eviction blockade of a disabled woman and her husband, Katrzyna and Ryszard Jencz, from a tenement house in Poznan, Poland. Lukasz refused to pay the fine, which then was changed to community work and then to a prison term. He appeared at a prison in Poznan where he will spend the next three months.

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15 Dec

AFA Stockholm: 13 anti-fascists sentenced to prison – We’ll take the hit together

headerOn 21.11.2015 we saw the sentencing of 13 anti fascists participating in the protests against the now defunct Swede’s Party in September 2014.

Most of the sentences handed out is relating to participation in a riot, an event the prosecution claimed to be two separate ones as, according to them, the situation calmed down between the disturbances. This allows them to prosecute twice for the same accusation and therefore plead for longer sentences and steeper fines. Read More

14 Jul

Presentation about anarchist movement in Mexico and letter writing evening

mexicoTuesday 14 July 2015 19:00 pm AZ Conni Rudolf-Leonhard-Str. 39 01099 Dresden


Anarchist movement in Mexico have a long lasting tradition starting from mid 19th century up till today. The anarchists were among people participating in Mexican Revolution, creation of syndicalist union (CGTConfederación General del Trabajo) in the region and many other activities that had an impact of Mexican society. Nowadays the anarchist influence can be seen in EZLN and communities of Oxaca.

This evening a person from anarchist movement from Mexico will talk about the situation in her country and which struggles anarchists are involved in. We will screen a movie having a closer look on social movements in Oxaca. After that we will have a space and time for questions and discussion.

After presentation there will be a letter writing to the anarchist prisoners around the world.


16 Dec

New Year Letter Writing evening


Tuesday 16 December 2014 19:00 – 21:00 Uhr AZ Conni Rudolf-Leonhard-Str. 39 01099 Dresden


Several weeks before the new year we are going to gather together to write letters to our comrades and friends who are sitting in jails all around the world. Those people in their pursue of the better world were caught, prosecuted and sent to prisons. We believe that this is our responsibility to support our comrades with the fire of solidarity that will help them to walk through the darkness of repressions.

This evening each of us will have a possibility to learn the stories of incarcerated comrades and write letters or postcards for them. We hope that you will join us at least for a couple of minutes to write several lines that sometimes can be warmer for the prisoner than the winter blanket.

During the letter writing evening we will have tea and cake.

20 Aug

Prisoner letter writing evening

breifeschreibenThursday 28 August 2014 19:00 pm Kosmotique Martin-Luther-Str. 13 01099 Dresden

Soli-event within the “International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners”

All around the world there are many people who were incarcerated by the states for their political struggle. They are claimed to be enemies of the society and for that are locked down in cells where they have to spend time on their own or with people who got the same label.

While those people are spending their time in Jail we are continuing our lives as if nothing had happened. However we do share our dreams with those people. We do strive for the same goals and the fact that they were caught by the repressiv system should not destroy the comradeship that is built withing our political movements.

We all know that people in prisons need support. Daily, hourly they have to struggle with the authority and we can help them in that with our support.

As part of the global week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners we will have an evening where you will hear the stories of anarchists who were imprisoned for different terms and are now separated from their comrades. We will write letters of support to the people all around the world to let them know they are not alone and they were not forgotten.

If you wanna introduce a special person with their story, just bring it with you.