29 Sep


Thank you very much for continuously staying with us!
As long as there is war, solidarity is needed!

Since the beginning of the war, 24.02.2022, we have started to collect money to support people from the anarchist and anti-authoritarian community, their families and friends and people who need support.
So far you have donated around 315500 euros.
Together with a large network, we have used this money to support a wide variety of people inside and outside of Ukraine. In the meantime three activists have died in the war, some of their families receiving financial support.

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27 Sep

Solidarity fund for imprisoned and persecuted revolutionaries from Greece is calling for financial support


The basic aim
of the structure is to ensure decent living conditions for the imprisoned comrades through a process that would take place within the political movement; thereby taking the material dimension of solidarity a step beyond close family, friendly and comrade relationships, as well as to help with the immediate coverage of emergencies (such as court expenses and bails for the persecuted). Yet, the actions of practical solidarity and the building and development of communication bridges and united struggles between those inside prisons and those outside of it, remain as priorities of the people who form and sustain the structure.

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20 Sep

Solidaritea, Friday 30 September 2022

Letter writing
Tea and cake

Friday, 30.09.2022, Malobeo, Kamenzerstr. 38, 01099 Dresden

We would like to write letters to people in prison together with you in the context of the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners.
We take the Soli-Week as an opportunity to remember our comrades who are in prison for their political struggle and who continue to fight for their ideals there.

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