27 Sep

Solidarity fund for imprisoned and persecuted revolutionaries from Greece is calling for financial support


The basic aim
of the structure is to ensure decent living conditions for the imprisoned comrades through a process that would take place within the political movement; thereby taking the material dimension of solidarity a step beyond close family, friendly and comrade relationships, as well as to help with the immediate coverage of emergencies (such as court expenses and bails for the persecuted). Yet, the actions of practical solidarity and the building and development of communication bridges and united struggles between those inside prisons and those outside of it, remain as priorities of the people who form and sustain the structure.

From 2010 until today, the Solidarity Fund has been trying to obtain a regular and consistent political, moral and material support for collecting funds, which derives primarily from the conscious participation of each and every one of us, as well as from groups and collectives, that contribute to the continuation of factual solidarity. Continued state repression, however, results in a large number of political prisoners and legal costs, and consequently, in particularly high material needs. At this moment, the Solidarity Fund supports 21 prisoners on a regular monthly basis; Koufontinas Dimitris, Michailidis Giannis, Xiros Savvas, Petrakakos Giorgos, Sakkas Kostas, Stathopoulos Vangelis, Christodoulou Spyros, Mantzouridis Christos, Fotis Daskalas, Iasonas Rodopoulos and the 11 militants from Turkey and Kurdistan (Harika Kızılkaya, Hazal Seçer, Sinan Oktay Özen, Sinan Çam, Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, Burak Ağarmış, Halil Demir, Hasan Kaya, Anıl Sayar, İsmail Zat, Şadi Naci Özpolat). In many cases we also try to cover -as much as our (financial) capabilities allow-the legal expenses and bails of comrades who are persecuted for their political identity, their actions or even for their family or comrade relationship with imprisoned militants.

The previous years due to the pandemic we experienced unprecedented situations both as society and as political movements but also regarding the conditions of prisons and the process of fundraising in order to support the prisoners. The state, as it would be expected, took advantage of the spread of covid-19 as yet another means to impose new repressive policies. However, throughout those times we managed to secure the necessary resources to support the imprisoned comrades and also to cover various court fees that arose. Our previous successful firefund campaigns supported by people worldwide also contributed to this effort. The needs of the structure however are always constant, as long as imprisoned and persecuted comrades exist.

Now experiencing the aftermath of the state managing the pandemic and all the new plans that it has already begun to implement -with catastrophic results- such as the new education policy (abolition of the “asylum”, repressive operations within the campuses), the eviction of squats, the repressive interventions by the police in public spaces where until now they were used for financial support events, we are faced with new difficulties regarding the moral, material and political support of imprisoned & persecuted militants. So we decided to appeal once again to comrades throughout the world to strengthen the purpose of the structure and help us financially through the firefund platform.

Up until the demolition of the last prison no one is free!


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