29 Jun

An interjection from the death houses of this world!

Addendum to June 11 – International Day of Solidarity for Marius Mason and all anarchist long-term prisoners. Due to the mail, the post came a bit later, but shall be published here anyway.

Millions of people sit in the jails and dungeons of the rulers of this earth. Countless people are on death row. Others sit for days, for weeks or for months. Still others for decades. Only a few weeks ago it was announced from Baden-Württemberg that Hans-Georg will finally be released. It was January 20, 1962, when the Berlin prison gates closed behind him – he has been in custody since that day. Since 1962! He had shot two people after a robbery.

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19 Nov

A letter from Thomas Meyer-Falk

t_m-fIn Germany in 2014 a 29 year old woman was sentenced to four years in prison for having sex without using a condom. Because the court deemed her a threat to public safety, Preventative Detention – indefinite imprisonment – was added.

The story:

Jaqueline was a young woman who was in love with life, she hung around the surroundings of a biker club and had a few partners. Years before she had caught HIV, but was taking medication for it and therefore hadn’t become ill.

Then Jaquline’s own mother, when she found out that her daughter had been having sex with men, reported her to the police. Read More