30 Dec

New Year’s Eve before prison

The year is drawing to a close. In many places this year, too people fought for freedom and a life in dignity. How many of them are now imprisoned? No matter whether it is because of poverty, precarious living conditions or through their political struggle, no person belongs behind bars. On Dec. 31, 2021, let us show the imprisoned people that they are not alone. During the time of year that many spend with their loved ones the isolation and loneliness in prison is especially great. Come with us to Hammerweg prison (JVA Dresden), together we will break through the isolation of the gray walls. For a solidarity without borders!

Where: JVA Dresden, (Wanderweg Am Robinienhain)
When: 17 Uhr 31.12.2021

14 Dec

Demo in memory of Oury Jalloh

Meeting point to travel together on January 7, 2022

Oury Jalloh was burned to death, bound hand and foot, in a Dessau police custody cell on January 7, 2005. It was only in the fall of last year that the Higher Regional Court in Naumburg decided to finally close the case of Oury Jalloh, despite the fact that they had another forensic report that showed beyond doubt that Oury Jalloh had already suffered severe bone fractures and life-threatening injuries in his cell before the fire. This joins a long list of monstrosities that reveal the extent of structural racism in Germany. Police, judiciary and politics refuse to clarify the situation and declare since the beginning of the investigation that Oury Jalloh had set himself on fire!

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07 Dec

Solidarity needs trust – Thoughts on the outcall Domhöver from ABC Dresden

In various texts [2,3,4] the outcall of Johannes Domhöver (hereafter JD) is currently discussed. We also want to comment on this topic. A few weeks ago we learned by chance on the Internet that there are serious accusations of (sexualized) violence and rape [1] against JD, who is currently charged in the §129 trial Antifa-Ost for being part of a criminal organization.

When we speak of accusations against him in the following text, we do not mean the accusations of the cops, but the accusation of (sexualized) violence and rape.

We would like to express our solidarity to the person(s) affected. We find it incredibly important and extremely brave to go public with the issue despite the threats described in the outcall [1]. We hope that the affected person(s) will encounter a caring and open environment that will support them in their healing. At the same time, we are angry and shocked that JD’s violent behavior could be part of a scene for so long that stands up for human rights.

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