15 Nov

The two from pretrial detention in Dresden are free again

Photo 03.19.2019: Vehicles of the electrical company Lehmann in Bad Lausick. This company is involved in the construction of the Zwickau prison.

The Soko Linx was a big celebration to find left-wing criminals. It seems to follow one of its predecessors the Soko MAG (Militant Autonomous Violent Offenders) from the beginning of two tausend. It is not particularly successful, as taz reports in an article on November 11.

The most important case of the Soko was the attacks on the new building of the Zwickau prison and three months later on a participating construction company in Rodewisch. Since August, two people were taken into custody after a house search because of an Internet posting against the construction company. Now the public prosecutor’s office has granted the objections of the lawyer and the two are out of jail again. Except for the ominous trace of the police dog, there is no evidence at all against the two.

The investigations against leftists are once again politically motivated in Saxony, this impression was confirmed by one of the lawyers.

Welcome to freedom!
Burn all prison!

To the two, who had to spend two months in jail, please contact us.

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