17 Nov

Call: Prisons to community gardens and evacuate the camps!

Rally on 20.11.2020 at 4 pm at the Lager Bremer Straße
5 pm at Hammerweg (Fabricestr.)

Comes with wheels, wheelchairs, mobile bases!

The jails must perish! In Germany the social peace is secured with prison walls behind which people are locked away like every where else. They do not serve the protection from „dangerous criminals“. Criminal law, the courts, the police, the prosecutors, the prisons ensure exploitation and oppression. They do not serve „re-socialization“: outside of society people are not educated to act socially. Prisons stigmatize, hurt, humiliate and dehumanize.

Instead of relying on humane alternatives, the Saxon and Thuringian state governments are building a new large prison complex in Zwickau to create the capacity for even more convictions. What do they need it for? Social upheavals caused by the corona pandemic or capitalist crises are provoking resistance. They lead to poverty. They ensure that even more people are cut off from fulfilling their needs.

The corona crisis hits prisoners particularly hard. They are cut off from free health care, cannot provide themselves with good food, are kept in confined spaces and often suffer from mental health problems. All this makes them particularly susceptible to the virus.

Against the criminalization we put our solidarity!

For a suspension of all criminal cases against social movements!

Prisons stigmatize, hurt, humiliate and dehumanize.

But not only prisons are a place of inhuman treatment and disenfranchisement. Such places are also the numerous camps for refugees, both within the European Union and on its external borders. They criminalize the freedom of movement of all people who are fleeing from environmental destruction, poverty and wars with full rights. They seek peace, freedom and happiness in the European Union. They seek the promise of democracy.But instead of recognizing that the worldwide devastation is the cause of European domination over the planet in the past, the EU rejects this responsibility! Instead of reparations and equal rights, states in Africa, Asia and South America get free trade agreements, arms supplies and structural adjustment programs.

Whoever makes it to Europe now will be shunted back and forth in camps for years. The fugitives live in an almost endless waiting loop, without control over their fate, without the possibility to decide.

The basic right to asylum was abolished many years ago. Since the summer of migration, more and more steps have been taken to move from acceptance to deportation policy. Ever larger camps, combined with deportation detention centers for quick processing, sealed off the refugees from society. They prevent them from arriving, they prevent support and solidarity. Even the democratically guaranteed rights to an adequate legal defense are limited here!

What is true for prisons in the Corona crisis is just as true for camps. People live in confined spaces without free access to medical care. The quarantine of entire camp complexes is all the more cynical. People are left to their fate, to the probable infection with the corona virus. Those who are lucky may survive. A measure that has been used several times since the beginning of the pandemic against refugees and poor people.

Stop it! The camps have to be closed down. In the whole Dresden city center numerous new buildings are empty, which would be ideally suitable for a safe accommodation of refugees.

For the immediate closure of all camps!

Freedom of movement for all!

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