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Tyumen Case. Six anarchists and anti-fascists detained in Tyumen, Yekaterinburg and Surgut

A new criminal case against anarchists in Russia became known in September. Six people were arrested in three cities in the Urals and Western Siberia on charges of organizing and participating in a «terrorist organization». All of the detainees hold anarchist and anti-fascist views. To date, the defendants have not been charged with any attacks against the regime or preparation for them, but under Russian law alone, the accused face between 5 and 10 years in prison for participation in a «terrorist organization», and between 15 and 20 years or life in prison for organising or leading a «terrorist organization». Supporting the prisoners requires considerable resources, and the support group requests financial support and spreading the information about the case.

On the 30th of August, Kirill Brik and Deniz Aydin were detained in Tyumen. The police claim that they seized an explosive substance of 312.13 grams and two detonators from the young men, which they were allegedly planning to test in the area of a power plant.

On the 31st of August, Yuri Neznamov and Danil Chertykov were detained in Yekaterinburg and Nikita Oleinik and Roman Paklin in Surgut. 

All six are now in pre-trial detention facility No. 1 in Tyumen. All are charged under Article 205.4 of the Russian Criminal Code, «Organizing and participating in a terrorist organization». According to the investigation, Nikita, is assumed to be the leader of the organization. He is accused of conducting secret meetings and gatherings, developing statements «aimed at the violent overthrow of the state and local authorities, recruiting, influencing and spiritually uniting the members of the organization, spreading materials and information calling for the implementation of terrorist activities and dealing with financing the preparation of the crimes». The criminal investigation describes various roles among the so-called participants of the organization. Danil allegedly «provided participants with medicines and hemorrhage prevention equipment», Kirill and Deniz «were responsible for the manufacture of explosives and preparation of IEDs».

On September 4, Yuri Neznamov reported to his lawyer about torture happening to : «death threats», «choking with a bag», «electrocution», «such pain I have never experienced in my life». Under torture, Yuri signed papers that he did not have time to read. In a conversation with his lawyer, he asked to make the fact of torture public, to get human rights activists engaged and attract public attention.

Nikita Oliinyk and Roman Paklin also spoke about the torture — Roman got heart pain and lost feeling in his arm as a result of torture.

On 19 September, Danil Chertykov told his lawyer about the torture during and after his detention: «they beat him, forced him to sign documents», «punished him with squats — in total he did about 400 squats during the night», «kicked his legs, lifted and kicked again», «pressed his head with boots into the floor».

For the Russian anarchists it is obvious that this case is a reprisal against anti-authoritarians whom Putin’s regime sees as a threat. With the start of the military invasion of Ukraine, the political situation in Russia has heated up. We do not know whether the defendants in the case committed attacks against the regime, but anti-authoritarians have always supported militant actions. We know that all the defendants were opposing Putin’s regime, as well as the invasion of Ukraine. Roma, Nick, Danil, Yura, Deniz and Kirill are our comrades who are described only positively by those who knew them. Relatives don’t say much about their organizing work, in order to not bring new repressions upon those who were arrested and those who are free.

Now more than ever, each of them needs our support. We remember: solidarity is our main weapon!

Below, the support group talks about each person arrested.

Roman «Red» Paklin

Roman Paklin is an anarchist, anti-fascist, and vegan. Together with his comrades he organised a public library with literature on anarchist theory, the history of liberation movements, and grassroots mutual aid initiatives. In the 2010s, he was involved in resisting neo-Nazis in his city, an effort which resulted in the far-right disappearing from the streets of Surgut.

Roman was detained on the night of September 1 in Surgut along with Nikita Oleynik. Nikita is known to many people not only in Surgut, but Roman is not as outgoing, so less is known about him. Roman’s closest friend, who has known him since childhood, has now also been arrested. Everyone who has ever met Roman tells us that he is an incredibly kind, helpful  polite person. He is easy to talk to and laugh with, and always helps his comrades. 

«The first impression was very positive — of a smiling and just kind guy», «Despite the difficult relationship with his family, as I know, he remains a very kind, humble guy», «He exercised, pulled weights», say those who met Roman about him.

Nikita Oleynik

Nikita Oleynik was detained along with Roman in Surgut. Nick is an anarchist, anti-fascist  vegan. He is always true to his ideals, keeps his word, helps people. Nick dreams of becoming a surgeon, he studied at Surgut University and has studied many books on physiology, history, politics and art. In addition to his professional activities, studies and constant learning new things, Nikita has been a keen boxer for many years. «The good should come with fists», he says. Nick initiated the creation of a public anarchist library – his first non-profit educational project. Together with friends, he selected books, among them the best authors on the history of liberatory movements, politics and philosophy. Everyone who knows Nikita speaks of him as a person with a great sense of justice, always ready to help.

«I know him as a husband — loving his wife, as a grandson — a strong and reliable support for his old man, as a friend — who knows the value of friendship, as a nephew — whom his uncle regards as an older son. That’s how I know Nikita!» — says one friend. With Nikita’s arrest, his family and loved ones are experiencing real distress. We sincerely love our friends and do everything to support them. 

Danil Chertykov 

Danil is an anti-fascist, a veterinarian by profession, an orthopaedic surgeon, and a graduate of the Urals College and the Agrarian University.

Before his arrest he worked in two veterinary clinics: being a leading specialist in veterinary surgery, he constantly attended scientific conferences, improved his qualifications in Moscow and St. Petersburg, mastered modern technologies in surgery and endoscopy. Danil has trained veterinary specialists in Surgut, and regularly went on business trips. 

Danil is a great friend, a caring son and a loving partner. Everyone who knows this funny guy will tell you that he is a big man with a big heart. Relatives say about Danil: «He never refused  help and never asked for anything in return, and his sincere laughter can always defuse even the most tense atmosphere. In his spare time Danya was fond of music, one of his songs has the lyrics: «Away from sorrow forever, always one step ahead of oneself» — this is how he lived until his arrest. Always cheerful and sensitive, Danya seemed to dispel the sadness in the hearts of his loved ones, like a small but infinitely warm sun».

On August 31st, Danil was at a restaurant with his partner — unmarked and ununiformed men swooped in, the crowd piled Danil on the ground and beat him up.

«I remember that night on the 31st with horror. The day started well, we had booked a table at a restaurant we had wanted to go to for a long time. I was silent all evening. Danya held my hand and asked me what was wrong. Everything was fine, but an unreasonable sense of anxiety overtook me. A few hours after that, he was arrested. I haven’t seen him since, and my heart breaks at the thought that we won’t meet again soon», says Danila’s partner.

Yuri Neznamov 

Yuri Neznamov was detained on 31st of August in Yekaterinburg at the same time as Danil. Elevator video footage shows him being forcibly pushed into a elevator, dressed in a camouflage jacket and a balaclava on his head, and taken out of the building. For three days his friends did not know the whereabouts of Yuri.

Yura is an anarchist and anti-fascist. He is training in Thai boxing and studies computer graphic design technology. Yuri is a talented freelance designer, his latest work has been 3D modelling and drawing models for games and cartoons. He began studying design on his own, first on YouTube, then taking professional courses. Immersed in his work, Yuri could stay on the monitor 24 hours a day.

«Yuri is a kind and humble man, you never hear too much from him», says one of his close friends.

«With Yuri I have gone through all the joys and troubles of life: summer travels, the emotions of the first big purchases, the loss of relatives, changing places, successes and problems at work. It’s hard and painful to know that it can all be over in a second».

Deniz Aydin

Deniz used to work as a sales assistant and a fitter at the construction mall. Lately he has been involved in wedding organisation business. Deniz is an anarchist, anti-fascist, lives a healthy lifestyle and does sports. He is a skillful player on the guitar and can pick up any melody, so he has been very desired with various music collectives. He has a dog and an albino rat at home.

Deniz is a very kind and helpful companion. «In a difficult moment he could come to the other side of town and help. He often helped with the security at our concerts and helped to ensure safety during the event. If something was wrong, he would always come over and calmly explain everything. He was always absentat work – partying all the time, which he really enjoyed, even though he would come home and fall down without energy. He is a very sociable and cheerful person. In his company, even personal problems took a back seat», says his comrade.

Deniz played in Tyumen hardcore band Siberian Brigade and black metal band Rasputin.

Kirill Brik

Kirill worked a lot in an car repair service and always responded to requests for help. He actively participated in the development of Tyumen’s music scene and wrote electronic music. Kirill is cheerful and sociable with his friends and loving and caring with his partner. He has always been responsible and has shown courage when it is appropriate. Kirill shares anti-fascist views, the word ‘friendship’ is not an empty word to him. He is always ready to support and stand up for the weak.

«Kirill has always been a friendly person to me. He has a passion for music and, as far as I know, he used to do car repairs with his father. Many times he offered to come and fix certain things on my car. As far as I know he never charged friends much. He always did it in a friendly way».

How to help from outside of Russia?

  • By spreading information about the case and drawing attention to it.
  • Financially – by supporting the fundraising to collect money for the lawyers and other necessary expenses:

PayPal: abc-msk@riseup.net (marked «Tyumen case»).

  • By continuing the anarchist struggle anywhere in the world: after all, as the Belarusian anarchist prisoner Igor Olinevich says, «the best solidarity is news about the development and successes of the movement».

Till all are free!
Support group for the Tyumen case

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