26 Oct

Anti-prison demonstration – For a society without prisons

Prisons are not a solution to social problems. Prisons are a means of enforcing domination and exploitation. They ensure that whoever is down stays down. We reject them and do not call for their social reform.

We will demonstrate on 13.11.2021 in Dresden for the abolition of all prisons! Meeting points: 3 pm at the deportation prison Hamburgerstraße, 5 pm at the Dresden Hammerweg Prison.

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26 Oct

Anarchist Prisoner Toby Shone Sentenced

Anarchist prisoner Toby Shone was sentenced to 3 years 9 months in prison for 8 drug offences at Bristol Crown Court on 13th October 2021 after Terrorism charges were dropped. He has already served 8 months of this sentence on remand.

The ‘drugs’ were psychedelics and medicinal plants (LSD, DMT, cannabis, THC oil, MDMA and magic mushrooms) found at two of the four properties raided by counter-terror cops in the UK South-West on 18th November 2020 in their hunt for the administrator of anarchist website 325.nostate.net.

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25 Oct

Solidaritea – letter writing café, Friday 29.10.21 5pm at Malobeo

Friday, October 29, 2021, 5 p.m. at the Malobeo, Kamenzerstr. 38

Prison is based on the system of punishment. This means that social problems are not negotiated, but locked away. Terms like re-socialization become a farce when we look at the conditions in prisons. The social isolation from friends, family and society is an aspect of everyday life in prison. There are few communication channels and hardly any opportunities to enter into exchange outside the prison walls.

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12 Oct

We consult until the jail is history! – Rally at the deportation jail in Dresden, 14.10.21 at 5pm

Deportation detention contact group invites you to a rally at the deportation jail!

Because: We consult until the jail is history!

Deportation detention should be abolished – until then we need social
control and independent legal advice for those affected. This is exactly
what we want as a deportation detention contact group – and this is
exactly where the prison blocks itself, for example, by not reliably
informing detainees that we can support them, by making our visits more
difficult, etc.

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04 Oct

Crowdfunding “Support anarchist and antifascist prisoners in Belarus”

For over 10 years ABC-Belarus is supporting antifascists, anarchists and other political prisoners in their struggle against dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko. Last uprising of 2020 provoked a huge wave of repressions against the activists of all kinds.

Right now over 1000 people are in prison for political reasons. Among them 26 are anarchists and antifascists. ABC-Belarus requires your donations to continue supporting repressed antifascists and anarchists in the country

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