28 Sep

10 Arguments against Prison

Prison means isolation, alienation, poverty and violence. Prison is a method used by the state to deal with social problems. Prison is supposed to punish, scare and “resocialize” you, i.e. reintegrate you into society. But you have hardly any opportunity for self-determination and are isolated from the rest of society. Every third person ends up back inside after release. Prison is a violent and monotonous place. The authoritarian penal system reinforces discrimination and economic exploitation. Jails therefore do not serve to reduce violent behavior between people, but rather reinforce it.

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27 Sep

Friday, 01.10.- Sunday 03.10. – “UNRÄUMBAR”-Festival in Heibo – Soli-film for Ella

Close to Dresden there is a forest occupation (Heibo – Heidebogen) which is there to prevent a mine company from expanding an open-pit gravel mine and with this clearing a huge area of trees, contaminating the ground water and destroy the moors in the area. During the weekend the activists in Heibo are organizing a festival called “Unräumbar”, so we want to collectively travel to the forest by bike and by train.

We are meeting at 16:30 in front of Bahnhof Neustadt, taking our bikes with us and catching a train at 16:49 (direction Königsbrück) to Ottendorf-Okrilla from where we continue biking to Heibo (ca 7km, 30 min).

At 18:30 a film “Ella – Repression Against Danni-Activist” begins and after there is some music planned. Read More