26 Dec

Update on imprisoned anarchists in Belarus December 25

Partisan Case

Since last week, the anarchists from the Partisans’ case have not been allowed lawyers in the KGB detention center, citing the recent quarantine. The prisoners themselves receive correspondence only from relatives and very rarely from comrades/friends.

According to reports from relatives, with the introduction of quarantine, the Chekists only accept food in the detention center, and refuse to take warm clothes and hygiene products.

It is unclear how long the quarantine will last. In Okrestino, for example, the coronavirus was used by the regime to close the detention center for lawyers and limit the acceptance of parcels. Such a regime has lasted there for more than 3 months.

We believe that quarantine in a political prison, which is, in fact, a KGB detention center is, is an attempt to put additional pressure on all prisoners and further isolate them from the outside world.

Igor Banzer

More than a week ago, anarchist Igor Banzer was transferred from Grodno to Novinki for an examination. The official reason for this repression was Igor’s refusal to communicate with the prison psychiatrist without a lawyer.

Mikalai Dziadok

As it became known, Dziadok is still under pressure. He is now under quarantine until December 27. Contact with his lawyer is prohibited during this period. A few days ago it was reported that Dziadok was in mortal danger in the detention center in Volodarka.

Source: abc-belarus.org

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