27 Feb

15 March day against police brutality

Since 1997 groups around the world are calling for actions on Day Against Police Brutality (15 march). And yearly the problem comes again and again. To focus on the issue and get people’s attention we are also joining the call for actions.

The international day against police brutality was initiated by C.O.B.P. (Montreal, Canada) and the anarchist „Black Flag“ (Switzerland) in 1997. Its date remembers the brutal assault against two children aged 11 and 12 years committed by Swiss police on 15th of marc h 1996. Ever since, the 15th of march marks the day that people around the world take to the street to fight against police brutality and to remember those, who lost their life and organize resistance against it.

In Germany the day is not really famous among political activists. However since 2015 Kampagne für Opfer rassistischer Polizeigewalt is calling for actions in Berlin to fight against racist police brutality. Apart from typical violence of the cops on demonstrations – which is well known among antifascist and anarchist activists, people are facing police brutality in this country on daily basis because of skin color, lifestyle, economical or social background. Police attacks this days are easy to imagine against the poor, but rarely happening with the rich and influential.

On this day, people around the globe use the opportunity to connect with marginalized groups, that are potential victims of police brutality. Please join us in our struggle against police brutality! With diverse actions starting from simple stickering, postering or graffiti ending up with demonstrations and public events we think that this problem deserves attention not only from anarchists and antifascists, but general population as well.

So get to the streets and start fighting against police brutality. And if you feel that the problem is bigger than one day per year – get organized in your groups, apply tactics of public police control (for example famous copwatch tactic) and win back the space from the cops, that belongs to the society and not to the state!

Too many cops, too little justice! For society without state!

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