How to … Briefe schreiben an Menschen im Knast [pdf-de] [pdf-booklet-de]

How to ABC – Eine ABC-Gruppe gründen [pdf-booklet-de]

How to ABC – How to start an ABC Group [pdf-booklet-en]

Informationssicherheit für Aktivist*innen [pdf-de]

An Activist’s Guide to Information Security [pdf-en]

On Repression Patterns in Europe [pdf -booklet-en] [pdf-en]

ABC Information and Resources (2002)

This guide is intended to give potential organizers a glimpse of the tendencies, ideas and experiences that have been a part of the Anarchist Black Cross over the last 15 years, and to empower individuals to create individual ABC groups of their own.


Probleme mit Hierarchien in antiautoritären Gruppen und wie wir ihnen begegnen können [poster-pdf-de]

hierachy problems in antiautoritarian groups and how to face [poster-pdf-en]


Writing Letters to Prisoners/Briefe schreiben an Gefangene [Stop-Motion-Film]