24 Feb

Support Anarchist Community in Ukraine during war

On Thursday morning, 24.02.22 around five Putin started invading Ukraine. Explosions have been reported from major cities. Which made clear it is not only about the eastern regions of Lugansk and Donezk.

Now we need to support our friends and comrades. People started organizing to support people.

You can help people to bring their relatives and friends in safety, support people who need to leave the country and establish a place to live, organize resistance to protect their neighborhoods, get needed goods and medical supply to survive. There are also a lot of people from other countries in the region like Belarus and Russia who seek in the last years refugee in Ukraine. With a Russian invasion they are threatened in Ukraine and are not safe anymore.

Please DONATE to support our comrades in Ukraine or here via bank account with the subject UKRAINE.

34 thoughts on “Support Anarchist Community in Ukraine during war

  1. Imperialism will fail!Peace and freedom will come to Ukraine again!Anarchy mom is fighting with you!I support you forever.Love from China.

  2. Salute from South Korea. All imperialist War must be turned into the civil war between classes. However, I cannot donate my humble money to Ukraine comrades, as Paypal saying “Donations to this recipient aren’t supported in this country”. Is there any other way I can do?

  3. Solidarity and support from the Netherlands. Came across this campaign through the Vrije Bond. Already donated 25 euros to them, which, through them, will be donated in bulk to this cause here.

    • Death to the new Tsar and Neo-nazism, glory to the international people. International working class will be the human race.

  4. Ukraine’s reactionary government is going to have an egg, Ukraine’s non-government comrades!This means that we can re-practices in this Menno pentium land in this opportunity to completely liberate a government area!I only need some small costs and thinking!

  5. please add an option for crypto currencies, such as monero. A cryto coin fundraiser to local ukrainien raised within a couple of hours $400.000.

  6. I am ashamed not to be able to take up arms and join you in the destruction of fascists and dictators, and respect you fighting for freedom and peace

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