26 Nov

ABC-Belarus needs urgent your support!

Belarus remains in the media and as so often with negative headlines. Lukashenko makes the Erdogan and tries to put pressure on the EU with refugees. In this dispute, the EU also shows how undemocratic and inhumane it is and people die at the border.
Forgotten seems the uprising of 2020 against the dictator and the many people who are still exposed to repression in Belarus and are sitting in jail. And although all political and civil society organizations are smashed and very many active people had to leave the country for fear of repression, there are still courageous people in the country, who carry out anti-repression work and support prisoners. To it also ABC Belarus belongs, which supports anti-fascist, anarchist and other political prisoners in their fight against the dictatorship of Alexander Lukaschenko for over 10 years. ABC-Belarus is in urgent need of your financial support.

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