04 Oct

Repression against Activists from Anarchist Movement in Minsk

On October 2, two employees of the “Listovka” printing collective in Minsk were arrested, Yevgeny Diatkovsky (Genya) and Konstantin Nesterovich (Kostya). It is now known that both of them are in the temporary detention center Okrestin in Minsk and will have to wait there for their trial, which will probably take place on Monday.

“Listovka” published on their VK-site that Genya was arrested at 10 am when he was alone in the shop. At 14:20 the cops came back. Since customers were inside the shop, the civicops also pretended to be some and ordered business cards. They waited until the people left the shop. Then they showed Kostja their identity and took him away. Another witness, who was still present, was thrown on the floor, photographed, but then left alone.

The cooperative assumes that they are under pressure because of their political position.
They have not censored their activities and have not refused to print for people.

With Genja and Kostja there is another activist of the anarchist scene in Okrestin, who was also arrested on Friday, but is not connected to the cooperative.

Solidarity with the imprisoned activists.
No one is free until all are free!

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