02 Oct

Employees from the printing collective “Listovka” were arrested

Today in #Minsk two people from the printing collective “Listovka” were arrested, Yevgeny Diatkovsky (Genya) and Konstantin Nesterovich (Kostya). Genja was arrested directly in the shop in the morning, Kostja later around noon.

“Listovka” has been in existence since 2017 and is a self-organised copy shop that functions as a collective enterprise.

It is now known that Kostja is in the Okrestin – a temporary detention center in Minsk. He must stay there until Monday, when there will be a trial. Where Genja is is not yet clear.

What the cooperative is accused of is also unclear at the moment. But it is not the first time that the collective is confronted with repression. Already on September 12, “Listovka” published that the cops were there and were looking for illegal leaflets. Back then people decided to continue working and not to be intimidated.

Already in 2017 there was also massive repression when the complete equipment was confiscated. At that time there was an 11-hour house search where all printers, computers and USB sticks were confiscated. In fact, after several months the equipment was returned and the cooperative was able to continue working.

Our solidarity is with the employees of “Listovka”.
Don’t let yourselves be defeated, we are thinking of you.

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