15 Jun

Italy – Soumalia Sacko: workers pay the struggle for social justice with their lives

Soumaila Sacko, a farmhand from Mali, a USB union activist, was shot dead in the Gioia Tauro plain, two other workers who were with him were injured. The Italian Anarchist Federation is close to the wounded relatives, friends and comrades of Soumaila.

Carabinieri immediately tried to link this assassination to an alleged theft, but Soumaila is the latest victim of the violence with which the exploitation of the laborers has always been imposed. We know that Soumaila is one of us, a proletarian who was killed for his commitment to workers’ rights. The landowners always find those who defend their privileges with firearms. As once in Melissa and Avola, today in Castelvolturno and in Rosarno, the workers have paid and pay for their struggle for social justice, even if only for a more dignified life, or for not dying under the sun for two euros a hour.

Each government defends the property, but this government intends to make the “legitimate defense” of private property a license to kill, and in the wake of the previous announces its desire to exacerbate racist laws against migrants. This only legitimizes employer violence, especially against migrant workers.

Against every masters, state and government violence, against any exploitation and mystification, the Italian Anarchist Federation is alongside the workers and workers in the struggle for another society and a better life.

6/6/2018 La Commissione di Corrispondenza della Federazione Anarchica Italiana

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