28 Nov

Perception and propaganda of abroad struggles by example of the Ukraine conflict

08 Dezember 2016 | 5 pm | malobeo, alternative cafe & anarchist library Kamenzer Straße 38

movie screening and discussion

People without personal connections to the area usually have to rely on the media and the perception of outside political groups when learning about struggles abroad. In our reception of the sources available to us, we often try to form an “objective” perspective and forget that we see things through a filter of our local political schema. We listen to established “experts” and don’t see our prejudice stemming from colonial/imperal perspectives.

In this workshop we want to discuss our perception and the propaganda around the Ukraine-Russia conflict by example of the events in Odessa in Mai 2014.

We will start at 5pm by showing the documetaries “Lauffeuer” (45min, de) and “Odessa – 2. Mai – ohne Mythen.” (60min, de) (for a (German) introductions see the following [article].

After short pause we want to start a discussion about the movies at 7pm, if you have seen the movies before you can come directly to discussion round.

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