14 Dec

Trip to Tunisia in spring 2015

feminismattack In March 2015 we were in Tunis and met some local activists. During our stay we had several interviews to bring an idea about the anarchist movement in Tunisia.

The following three interviews are in french and english language.

The interview was conducted with a former activist of the feminist group Feminism Attack. She is telling us how the group developed. Also she is giving her perspective towards sexism in the Society.

The interview was conducted with an activist of the group Le Commune libertaire. Appart from an insight into the work of the group, the person is picturing an individual political developement and shortly decribing the anarchist tendencies in Tunisia in a historical view.

The interview was conductet with a unionist from Sidi Bouzid. He is describing his work in the union, actual situation and problems with repression against activists. Furhtermore he is introducing the unemployment union UDP.

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