13 Feb

Overview about recent development of repression in Spain

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Intro to the text: Maybe you have already read about the new spanish citizen security law, commonly called “Ley Mordaza (Gag)“. About how with it, the State mechanism wants to repress any kind of civil disobedience. Maybe you also read about the recent denounces against singers, poets, and Tweeters… because their lyrics or jokes have been consider terrorism apology. Clearly, the State forces are working hard in Spain!! With this article, we want to show and explain which kind of laws legitimate the Spanish State actions. Where they come from and where they are going to. Past and future of Spanish repression…enjoy!!

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15 Jul

Presentation by spanish activists about recent protests in Spain and the participation of anarchist

manifestacio29012011_capcaleraFriday 25 July 2014 19:00 pm Kosmotique Martin-Luther-Str. 13 01099 Dresden


A group of activists from Spain will talk about the current situation in Spain, focusing on the recent protests at Gamonal in Burgos and Can Vies in Barcelona and the involvement of anarchists in local struggles.

The city of Burgos in northern Spain has witnessed mass protests and unrest in the working class neighbourhood of Gamonal. The unrest was sparked when construction work began aimed at converting the main street in Gamonal into an upmarket boulevard. The neighbourhood has been opposed to the project due to its high cost of 8.5 million euros, the elimination of car lanes, the reduction of free-parking space and the construction of underground parking, which will cost 19,800 euros per each parking space for a 40-year lease.

Can Vies is a squat in Barcelona that was occupied in 1997. In may 2014 the owner of the house decided to demolish it. As a result of eviction on may 26 the riots broke out in Barcelona and spread to Valencia and Mallorca. On May 30 the owner announced that the house will not be destroyed.