26 Sep

Trial against antifascist one year after Pegida-birthday

Today there was second hearing of the case at the Court in Dresden on “throwing a blue police flasher at the Pegida birthday”, on 19 october last year.

The trial today mostly consisted of questioning witnesses from the cops, including the undercover ones. The testimonies of the police gave a good insight of how they are working for us to learn.

At the Pegida-birthday several undercover cops from Hannover were in Dresden with the task to observe the demonstration and point out the crimes. For that reason they were dressed in black, to join the counter protesters.

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15 Sep

International Solidarity Fund for imprisoned comrade in Hamburg

The Vrije Bond from Amsterdam, has started an own initative of solidarity, to support the comrade, sentenced to 2 years an 7 months in Hamburg for having participated in the protest against the G20 summit in July.

Money is desperately needed and could be transferred to the following bank account:


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