16 Apr

Greek militarism in the age of Syriza

banner Tuesday 26 April 19:00 Hole of Fame Koenigsbruecker Str. 39

How important is army for a state, both for internal and external affairs? Does the greek state have geostrategic interests? Has the greek state expansion tensions/strategies? How old and stable are these strategies, do they change whenever the government changes? Examples of greek militarism in the age of Syriza. Greece’s role in war of Syria. The involvement of greel army in detention centers.

In Greece, military service is obligatory for all healthy men between 18 and 45 years old, despite the fact that all surrounding countries are members (or about to be) of EU or NATO. If one refuses to conscript gets a fine of 6.000 euros from the tax office and is prosecuted by a military court, even though he has never been a member of the army. This procedure could be repeated as many times as one rejects the calls for conscript. Xupoluto Tagma (Barefoot Battalion) is an antimilitaristic group from Ioannina that forwards the political decision of total objection of army. We refuse both military and civil service, but not on a basis of claiming our civil rights. We fight against army, war, state, capitalism, borders and nationalism. We don’t offer our bodies and our minds to our class enemies.

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