28 May

No one will be left alone – Fundraising to support imprisoned anarchists and antifascists in Belarus

It’s been almost two years since the 2020 protests in Belarus. The anarchist movement, just like the rest of activists and jounalists, has faced the biggest crackdown ever. Many activists had to leave the country, others got behind bars. ABC-Belarus continues its activity and needs support more than ever. At the moment, there are about 30 imprisoned anarchists and antifascists in Belarus and the number keeps growing.

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15 May


Thank you all so much!

Since the beginning of the war, 24.02.2022 we started to collect money to support people from the anarchist and anti-authoritarian community, their families and friends and people who need support.
So far people have donated around 217400 euros.
With this money we have supported Operation Solidarity and individuals who have left the country or are still in Ukraine and need financial support. We have also financially supported the Solidarity Apothecary – Ukraine Herbal Solidarity project.
We have organized several transports to bring the items to Ukraine in cooperation with other comrades.

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10 May

Position on our solidarity work in Ukraine

A few days before the start of the war of aggression, we exchanged views with comrades from Ukraine, among others. What to do in case of war? For us it was clear that we would answer the call for help of our friends. We saw our possibilities of support very concretely in starting a fundraising campaign to support Operation Solidarity directly in Ukraine and people on the run outside. It was clear to us that there were activists who were already planning to stay and fight in Ukraine. With this, we clearly positioned ourselves and were also criticized for it. Therefore, in the following text we would shortly like to explain why we are doing what we are doing.

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