15 Aug

“They were beating me and ask what I don’t like about the country.” – What do the people coming out of the pretrial prison Okresin say.

Anja is 19 years old, when she sees her mother among those waiting, she rushes into her arms, and for a long time they stand silently, with tears in their eyes. The women was detained on August 12 near her home in the shopping center “Riga”. A riot police officer grabbed Anja as she was returning home. She saw a column of trucks ahead of her and decided to wait for them to pass.

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13 Aug

Solidarity action with the uprising against the Lukashenko regime – 14 August 5 pm Alaunpark

For five days, the people of Belarus have been fighting against the 26 year dictatorship in Belarus. The Lukashenko regime has come to an end, and the people no longer put up with its oppression and exploitation. The regime is countering this uprising with massive police violence, brutal assaults and torture on the streets and in the prisons. The people are not intimidated, but they also need solidarity.

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12 Aug

Call for solidarity actions with the uprising against the Lukashenko regime – 14 August

For the first time in the history of Belarus, people across the country rebelled against the dictatorship. Many thousands of demonstrations are held not only in the capital, but also in small towns. People take to the streets and not only peacefully protest against the authorities, but also fight against the state apparatus – they help friends and comrades and clash with punishers.

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