24 Oct

Dead body of anarchist Santiago Maldonado found in Argentine

We publish the recent statement by the comrades of the Anarchist Federation of Rosario (FAR), Argentina on the confirmation of the death of the militant anarchist Santiago Maldonado.

Santiago Maldonado Present!

In these last days it has been three years ago the body of Luciano Arruga was found, seven years that Mariano Ferreira was murdered and today the 20th of  October, it is confirmed what we all intuited, the body found on the Chubut river, is Santiago Maldonado’s. Read More

01 Oct

Raids and eviction as a tool of political repression in Belarus

We were covering the situation in Belarus in March this year during the big protests that were happening here against the policy of the state that was forcing people to pay a fine for being unemployed for longer than six months in a year. For now the protests are over, however pressure from the government on those who were participating in the events of last spring didn’t stop.

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